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Our Solution Is In The Bible- See What The Bible Tell Us About These Herbs, Whenever We Eat Meat

Our elders have been using herbs for thousands of years for their spiritual and medicinal benefits. I want to tell you about some of the famous herbs in the Bible and what they were traditionally used for as well as how they are still used to this day.

As the Bible states in Psalms 104:14, God provides us with herbs for the service of man. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can start incorporating health boosting Biblical herbs into your life daily.

There are numerous of herbs in the Bible which were use for so many purpose. Some of these herbs are use for spiritual cleansing like the hyssop, myrrh and others too are used for healing purposes. But today I will only focus on the healing part, what to do when your eat fatty or carbohydrates food.

The God even know that too much of fat in the boby can cause a lot of complications in the to our health, so he told moses in Leviticus 3:17: that ,This is a lasting ordinance for the generations to come, wherever you live, you must NOT eat any fat or any blood, and also in Leviticus 7:22-25 The Lord said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites ‘DO NOT EAT ANY OF THE FAT of cattle, sheep or goats. The fat of an animal found dead or torn by wild animals may be used for any other purpose, but you must not eat it. Anyone who eats the fat of an animal from which a food offering may be presented to the Lord must be cut off from their people.

When we compare this bible verses to real life, we all know too much of fatty food can cut off someone's life, and you and I and even doctors are aware of this.

Although your body may needs some healthy fats or energy to function, but too much of saturated fat can cause cholesterol to build up in your arteries (blood vessels). Saturated fats raise your cholesterol. High cholesterol increases your risk for heart disease, stroke, numbness etc, which will let you become unhealthy. In life a healthy person gives birth to health children. But hey, if you are unhealthy, one or two of your children may be in your situation. They can be deformed or be in certain conditions like anemia, autistic, sickle cell etc because some of these illness, because, there is a saying that, " A crab doesn't give birth to bird" and its very true.

But God didn't left us to suffer from fatty food and its complications, so in bible he tell his his followers, which we are also part, that they shall eat the flesh in that night, roast with fire, and unleavened bread and with bitter herbs and green vegetables they shall eat it.

God known that, meat contains fat so He told them to eat it with bitter leaves and green vegetables. And we all know that bitter leaves are good herbs that heals. And also in the human body, the bile in the gallbladder is what burns fatty substance and we get that from from the bitter part of food we eats.

Let's see these kind of vegetables that has some bitter tasting. These includs broccoliBrussels , beetroot, gardern eggs, carrot, sproutscabbagekaleradishes and arugula. These foods contain compounds called glucosinolates, which give them their bitter taste and are responsible for many of our health benefits.

And like horehoundtansy, horseradishendiveparsley and Coriander seeds. Bitter herbs were mostly used for food in the Bible. In fact, the people of Israel were commanded to have bitter herbs with their Passover lamb as stated earlier. These herbs are cosmopolitan bunch, ranging from the seriously bitter gentian, bitter melon, wormwood, horehound, and goldenseal, dandelion, chicory, endive, lettuce, mint etc.

All these are types of bitter herbs which can be eating either in raw form or cook States and some heals a lot. For examples, when our mother want to cook fresh meat, they normally add mint leaves to steam the meat in other to burn the fat in them. So adopting the instruction in the Bible, the way of using herbs and vegetables in your life to cook can keep you health and produce health children and healthy future Thank you.

Please help share to another and let's cut down the illness we give to our own selfs.

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