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Interesting Magical Benefits Of Onion That Would Keep The Doctor Away For Years

It always said that the best gift you can give to your family and the society is a healthy you. Taking a critical look at our health status is very important and something which must be encouraged in our generation. In today's health piece, I want to dive to the interesting benefit of the onion to humans of which most are been ignorant of.

Onion, mostly used in cooking is part of the allium family which also includes garlic. Research shows that it originated from the Chinese, East Indians, Ancient Greeks, Romans etc. Shockingly, it contains dozens of both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions in the body which helps in the proper functioning of the heart and guy.

The red onion which is mostly used in Ghana contains anthocyanins pigment which gives boost in the body. The spring onion which is mostly used for salad also contains immunity-boosting sulfur compounds. White onions which is normally weird in the country also contains flavonoid quercetin which helps to prevent any form of heart disease.

You have a higher chance of preventing bowel cancer if you normally add onions to your diet. It also prevents blood clot and cholesterol from sticking to arterial walls. The quercetin in onions over a period of time also help raise levels of healthy cholesterol in the blood.

Indeed, onion has proven it's worth but you could gain much from it if you use it raw since it's nutrients is mostly lossed when cooked. Also, when it's braised in stock or broth helps. Mixing onion juice with honey and take 2-3 tablespoon daily helps to fight cold. It can also be used to garnish food when cut into slice.

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