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Health Tips On Your Daily Food Intake, Follow Me And Learn More

Good morning everyone,l am back here again my people thanks to the creator and thank you for joining me.

Today's article l am going to give you another important food you eat that gives you much nutrient , and that is beans . Most people don't even know we have different kind of beans yes we have that and you need to know the one that best fit you.OK MY PEOPLE LET'S GO»


The kind of beans you are supposed to take is red , black,Adzuki,pinto, lentils, black eyed pea apart from those mentioned above been most beneficial all other are allowed except navy, tamarind, kidney, garbanzo so take note on these ones.


With this blood group, you are not even supposed to take any beans product with blood group B,bean products is not recommended for take some and you confirm it disturbs you so it will be good for you to stop eating beans.


With this blood group,na y, pinto,red,soy are recommended for you for been most beneficial apart from that all other kinds are also allowed except kidney beans,Lima beans,fava, Adzuki, Black, black eyed peas, garbanzo.


For blood group O those that are allowed for you are Adzuki, pinto, black eyed peas are the most important type for you also all kind are recommended for you except green lentils, navy, kidney, tamarind,red.

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