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Popular Tiktoker Demonstrates to Ghanaians How IMF Will Treat Us - This Will Make Your Day

A popular TikToker under the name "Timegh" has demonstrated to Ghanaians how he believes the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will treat us if we take a loan from them.

The young man uses very simple terms to describe the consequences of taking a loan from the IMF and it is indeed very funny and at the same time educative. The way you eat has to be reduced. At first, if you were eating 20 cedis a day you have to eat 10 cedis all because of IMF.

Without talking much check the video here;

He compares taking a loan from the IMF to paying rent for someone’s room for them, with the owner leaving for work every day and expecting you to pay him monthly. He also added that if you do not pay your monthly rent, you get kicked out of the room and the owner will send you out of the country into the bush.

The TikToker's message is very clear, in case we take this IMF loan and fail to pay, we are essentially giving control of our country over to a faceless organization far away from home

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