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Why Pepper and Spicy Foods Cause Your Nose To Run.

In most spicy foods, there is the presence of a chemical irritant called capsaicin. Capsaicin is chemical found in fruits of the genus Capsicum, which includes peppers. It is present, usually in relatively high amounts, in the placental tissue that holds the seeds of the peppers, as well as in lower concentrations in other parts of the fruit.

This chemical ends up not only causing a “hot” sensation on your tongue, but also irritate the mucous membranes in your nose, causing them to become inflamed. This triggers the lining of your nose to produce extra amounts of mucous as a defense mechanism to try to keep out whatever unwanted substance or particles are causing the irritation.

This same type of irritation is why your eyes may also become watery when you eat very spicy foods. The capsaicin can irritate the membranes in your eyes, causing your tear ducts to kick into overdrive trying to wash the irritant away. This can make your nose even more runny as some of the tears drain into your sinuses.

Capsaicin irritates various tissues inside your body, such as your intestines. This causes your body to react by trying to flush the irritant out. This is why after eating spicy foods you sometimes feeling a burning sensation in your anus when pooping.

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