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These Things Tied Together Sacks Evil Spirits From Invading Your Store Or Office(Workplace).

Some people are harmful.They hate it when they see others make it without them even if they do not know anything about the struggles the person faces.

Making it in life depends on no nobody but yourself.You are the one to decide on how to live your life whether to love,hate,like,appreciate or observe.

It is the same way people who hate you can harm you in many ways without your notice.That's is why it good to know this natural way of avoiding evil spirits who try to invade your work place.

Store owners can take this as an advantage and make good use of it.This natural way is done using four pepper, three charcoal and a lime.These things are not only used for preparing dishes.Nature is very beneficial to mankind if you should know.

The main things needed are only three that's pepper,charcoal and lime.You will have to pick four of the pepper,three of the charcoal and one lime.These things will prevent any spiritual attack planted at your work place.

Put these things together and tie them together using a rope or a polythene. After this you will have to hang it infront of your store or office thats on your door.This will prevent any spirit intended to harm you from entering your office or store.

Those who do not have a store or an office like the market women and men can tie them and put it in their pocket.

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