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Foods and drinks that brightening your teeth and keeps it healthy

Foods and drinks that brightening teeth.

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You are what you eat,? And healthy teeth are essential, just like a healthy body. People are not just looking for ways to keep their teeth healthy, they are looking for whiter teeth too. Since your gums and teeth can be a reflection of your overall health, what you put in your mouth influence how healthy your smile is. In contrast your foods and lifestylehabits, like drinking wine, tea, coffee or smoking can cause yellowish or discolorating of your teeth. Although whiten your teeth with professional dental products and services, will work best, the foods and beverages you eat and drinkor choose to avoid can impact how healthy and white are. Therefore, to illuminate your smile naturally, you can try eating some foods and drinks some beverages that can brightening your teeth, and clear those that stains or yellow your teeth

Foods that stains teeth

Coffee Acidic and citrus foods drinks Dressing Dait Red wine White wine Soda Tea Pomegranates Sweets Tomatoes sauces certain food whiten the teeth naturally, these can effectively clean clean and brightening your teeth, as well as protect them and keep your gum from bacteria.

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