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The best jokes are the most dangerous ones: the case of growing concern of energy drinks in Ghana

Everything is contingent. I always wondered how it was that Africans have been able to embrace the crazy long hours work routine typical of the US without coffee. So, I started observing cab drivers in Africa's big cities. They get their daily caffeine alright: "energy drink"!

in the US or Europe, is not extreme sports enthuasiasts or fitness buffs. Rather, they are aimed at the regular joe with a stressful routine. Attempts at hipness often end at celebs with a rough edge.

No-one has built chains of kiosks for hard-pressed cab drivers to grab their shot of energy drink on the go in Lagos or Accra yet. But in Ghana at least, there is growing data to show that "energy drinks" are the fastest growing beverage segment. Outpacing even aphrodisiac drinks

Its scary and many of them are addicted to it, just like the others are to coffee. Some of the drivers also take the "energy drinks" with strong painkillers like tramadol.

Yellow corn made its debut in Africa tainted, as if forever, by association with "US food aid". Then it found a role as animal feed. Economists wrote about a large puzzling premium on white corn. Today, flashy restaurants charge extra for it in salads.

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