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If Your Breakfast Is Not In This List Get Out Of Here

Ghanaians are not just popular because of football but also because of the food we eat. When it comes to breakfast we are told to eat like a king. 

It is however not surprising that when it comes to breakfast Ghanaians have their choice of foods. 

Some prefer to eat beverages whiles others go for heavy meals. 

If your breakfast is not listed here then you need to think about it. 

 1. Bofrot (puff puff)

 2. Waakye and it's assessories like egg, fish, meat, chicken wele, offaltories, pear, spaghetti, shredded vegetables, shito, sausages etc

 3. Hausa Koko and it's assessories like mansa, koose, groundnut, pinkaso, bread

 4. Plain rice , jollof rice etc

 5. Gari and beans

 6. Ga Kenkey and fish

 7. Bread and Egg with Milo, oats, Moore Koko, tombrown and coffee.


In Ghana the likes of konkonte, emotuo, diehuo and soup is usually eaten as brunch between 9 o'clock to 12am.

Some will wait till that time before they eat their firstmeal for the day.

Content created and supplied by: Evalisa (via Opera News )

Bofrot Ghanaians Hausa Koko Waakye


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