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Kitchen Diaries: How to identify fresh eggs from old eggs

Kitchen Diaries: How to identify fresh eggs from old eggs

Buying eggs on the market is sometimes worrisome, if you are not an expert in it. You can end up buying a fake egg, or a spoilt eggs. My grandma was an expert in many things, and that made us learn a thing from her. From her experience, she can tell if an egg is a day old egg or a month egg or weeks old eggs. All eggs are not the same, and they don't carry the same weight or taste, but are unique in all because of their duration or age. An egg can last for six months if kept at a well ventilated area or a very warm area free from excessive heat or water. 

Eggs are very nutritious, and contains a lot of minerals which helps the development of a brain tissues especially, for children. The yolk of the eggs helps to sharpen his brain tissues, which gives the child a very wide and open brain cells. The children are normally seen as the brilliant type of students, and they are academically excellent, because of how their brain tissues repels against each other. Eggs are good for their food, and it is recommendable for everyone to eat some, at least three times in a week. Boiled ones, are the most nutritious ones with great nutrients.

Before buying an egg, it is important to determine if the eggs are fresh or old or even spoilt. All you need is water in a bowl to do a small testing to see if your eggs are fresh or old. Put enough water into a bowl, and place the eggs inside for testing. The fresh eggs which are fresh from the animals, less than one day, will settle peacefully at the bottom of the bowl. That is for fresh eggs, and they are mostly from one hour old to three days old. 

One week old eggs, will rise a little, from the bottom of the bowl, as if it is floating. These eggs are usually from one week to one month old. These images should help understand the concept better. 

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