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4 Dangers Associated With Eating Crayfish

Crayfish are very delicious and can be a great source of seasoning for food. You can find it in the delicacies that are served in luxury restaurants around the world. According to Healthline, some dangers are associated with crayfish consumption even though it's very nutritious.

The dangers of eating crayfish raw basically include hygiene concerns at the top. If you are eating this form of fish without having it cooked or processed, then you would also be consuming bacteria and germs with the crayfish as well. 

Crayfish decay quickly and can become contaminated if not properly preserved. It's possible you won't notice if anything is undercooked or rotten.

Some health problems, such as gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, muscle spasms, and a spike in body temperature, can result if you consume it in this manner. It is possible to find undercooked crayfish in certain of our local markets.

There is an insulin-like protein called crayfish-binding protein which causes the blood to clot. So, most people who eat a lot of crayfish in their diets have serious blood clots, which could lead to heart attacks and strokes. They go into the kidney and block the vessels there and can cause very high blood pressures.

Lead and mercury can be found in sea and river water to a significant degree. These substances have the potential to be extremely harmful to human health. Those who consume crayfish in excess may experience various abnormalities in their bodies as a result.

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