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Photos Of The Most Beautiful Birthmarks Around The World.

Birthmarks are discolourations on the skin that occur at birth or during the first few weeks of life. They're normally cancer-free.

They can appear on any part of your body or face. Birthmarks come in a variety of colours, sizes, shapes, and appearances. These are permanent, while others can grow in size over time. Others vanish. While most birthmarks are harmless, some do signify a medical condition. Birthmarks may be removed for aesthetic purposes in some cases.

There are several forms of birthmarks. I will talk about two types.

Port-wine stain:

Port-wine stains are red, black, or dark markings that appear on the face and neck and are present from birth. They resemble very dark spots on dark skin and typically affect one side of the body, but may affect both. They can also be lightened with laser therapy (which is more effective on small children), but they can often become darker and lumpier if not treated.

Blue-grey spot:

On the skin, these birthmarks may appear blue-grey, similar to a bruise. They are most common on babies with darker skin and appear on the lower back, bottom, arms, or legs. They do not need to be treated and will normally go away by the age of four. They are not a sign of a health problem.

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