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What Is The English Name For This Fruit?

This fruit is a large tropical tree in leadwood tree family. The tree grow to 35 m (115ft) tall, with an upright, symmetrical crown and horizontal branches. It’s has a corky, light fruit that are dispersed by water. The seed within the fruit is edible when fully ripe, tasting almost like almond. As the tree gets older, it’s crown becomes more flattened to form a spreading, vase shape.

Its branches are distinctively arranged in tiers. The leaves are large, 15- 25cm (5.9-9.8) long and 10-14 cm ( 3.9-5.5) broad, ovoid, glossy dark green and leathery. They are dry- season deciduous, before falling, they turn pinkish- reddish or yellow-brown, due to pigments such as violaxanthin, lutien and zeaxanthin.

The tree has been spread widely by humans, so the native range is uncertain. It’s has long so the native range is uncertain. It’s has long been naturalized in a broad belt extending from Africa to northern Australia and New Guinea through Southeast Asia and Micronesia into the Indian subcontinent.

The leaves contains several flavonoids. This tree is widely grown in tropical regions of the world as an ornamental tree, grown for the deep shade its large leaves provides. It’s is also used in Polynesia for making canoes.

The name is Indian almond.

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