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Elizato-Girls nowadays can drink like their father but can't cook like their mother.

Thanks for clicking on this article and God bless you for that. Hope you are fine by God's grace. Elizato as we all know is just a philosopher who makes funny quotes to entertain people and also advise them. Elizato said, "Girls nowadays can drink like their father but can't cook like their mother".He continues that it is very sad this is happening. The girls like enjoyment too much and they spend a small time with their parents. So for them to be able to cook becomes very difficult for them.

Drinking like your dad is very fun but being not able to cook is pathetic. As a girl, you have to learn how to cook because of marriage. Spending so much time outside won't help you. Learn how to cook from your mother as a girl because it makes you a complete woman. It won't be good to get married and be letting your husband go out to eat. Your husband going out to eat won't be good for you as a girl. Going out to have fun is good but too much of it is bad. You have to spend time with your mother and be a good mother.

People have shared their views and suggestions on this Elizato's quotes. They think women going out more nowadays is because of their peers or friends. Lack of parental care and control too can be a problem. Sometimes the parents Don't have time for their children because of the job. The mothers should take good care of their girls or women. our mothers should control our girls and make them spend more time with them. If they don't control them they will get married and will bring a lot of problems. Every husband wants a woman who can cook very well. Our girls we have to stay at home and learn what is important that will make you a good wife.

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