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Sweden's most famous chef has invented a natural fire for cooking.

Sweden's most famous chefs Niklas, working in a restaurant in Sweden, transformed raw ingredients into fine cuisine exclusively through the use of fire, ash, soot and smoke – no gas or electricity was used. To Ekstedt, This method has returned Swedish cooking back to its origin. Niklas has become a national and international celebrity, hosting a Swedish cooking show called Niklas Mat, authoring several book ,His latest being- Happy Food.

In 2011 Ekstedt decided to take a break from his central role and live in a wooden house  in the forest with his family, without any electricity or gas, and learn the old techniques of cooking with open fire.

 Returning to Stockholm, he researched ancient Swedish recipes and  discovered that they omitted one practical ingredient: directions on how to actually cook or prepare Swedish meals.

 He also showed concerned about the stress that humans have placed on the planet's soil and waters, he showed a sense of hope, believing that lessons learned from Corona virus can show us how to better take care of the Earth. 

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