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Save yourself money, cook this at home with less than 22 Cedis

Hunger is a really stressing diseases that needs not to be tolerated anywhere on this planet. If you give room to it, it will grow and destroy your home. People say hunger doesn't kill but I tell you it does kill. It makes you depressed and lose your mind. It sends you to thinking mode, taking control of your thoughts and making you dream about hurting yourself because you are hungry for food. The worst scenario on earth to happen to man is poverty and hunger. Without money you cannot eat and without food you cannot grow. 

After stressing myself out and in without nothing to eat. I decided to get to the kitchen and see what heavens can offer me. I was amazed that not just a single food stuff was left. I was not devastated and decided to be the owner of the kitchen. Eating outside daily is harmful as you are ignorant to the particular ingredients used in making those foods. It is always advisable to eat outside once in a while not a random duty but just once. 

I took my wallet and headed to the market square for something. I bought plantain for 7 Cedis, garden eggs and Cocoyam leaves "Kontomire" for 5 Cedis. Eggs for 2 Cedis and Salted Fish "Kobi" for 3 Cedis. Salt, Tomatoes, Palm Oil, Onions and Pepper for 5 Cedis. That was a total of 22 Cedis spent for the ingredients. I came home and power on my gas. Poured water into a mini saucepan and allowed to heat while I peel the plantain. 

I cut my plantains into preferably sizes and placed them into the boiling water as I added my Eggs, Salted Fish, small Salt, Garden Eggs and Pepper. After five minutes of cooking I added the Tomatoes and Cocoyam leaves. After three minutes of extra cooking I took my Cocoyam leaves tomatoes from the food. Doing so makes the Cocoyam leaves stay green without turning brown. Too much of heat applied to it makes it turns brown. 

Another two minutes of cooking and I took my salted fish out. Added fresh water to the food and allowed to sit for seven minutes. Doing this mechanism makes the plantain soft and tender to blend. Took my pepper for grinding in an earth wire, added my cocoyam leaves and garden eggs. Added onions after few minutes of grinding and then the tomatoes for finishing. Salt was added to make it taste better and that was it. 

Within less than thirty minutes, I have been able to get ingredients and prepare my lunch. I made sure to heat my oil and made it sit ontop of the food with onions and the eggs as toppings. My Salted Fish was there to bring beautification to the food. This food would have cost more then 90 Cedis in an restaurant near my area. But in actual sense, just 22 Cedis and less than thirty minutes was used in making this food. And I had my avocado which was gifted to me by my neighbor on stand by. 

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Cedis Cocoyam Kontomire


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