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Food Battle : Cocoyam And Kako Stew Or Jollof ?

Food battle. What will you prefer for lunch? Could it be Cocoyam and Kako Stew Or Jollof rice? Today, we take a look at one foreign recipe of Rice and Another local food.

As Africans or Ghanaians we assume that you may like Cocoyam. This food is very rich in carbohydrates. When you add fish and stew, that means you're getting a bit of protein.

On the other hand, Jollof rice recipe contains protein and carbohydrates. You get carbohydrate anytime you add chicken or fish.

Now that you've known the nutritional value of the two delicacies, you can make your own choice during lunch.

Cocoyam and Kako Stew is hardly acquired on the market. However you can choose to Cook and send it to work. Jollof rice on the other hand is very easy to get in the streets.

It's however an open secret that it taste Best when you Cook it in the house.

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