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Lady Cries Out After She Saw This Method Of Red Oil Processing

Palm oil is one of the most important foods in every kitchen.

This is certainly a real source of income for many in our country Ghana and West Africa in general.

It is a natural oil that is extracted from the palm fruit. Besides vegetable oil is also important, palm oil is most needed in the kitchen.

But have you seen where and how it is processed?


Of course, we know a lot of oil factories and have seen them all processing oil.

See the image below. Do you know this method of processing oil?

They have been on the internet for a long time, but a woman posted them on Facebook a few hours ago and asked if this is the method people use to buy red butter from the market.

The processing and extraction methods of palm oil in different parts of southern Nigeria differ. The most popular method that every family knows is how to boil oil palm kernels in very hot water and then mash them in a mortar.

Oil mills offer a very fast and easy way to process large quantities of palm oil.

The method published by this woman is very primitive and is still favored by many in many African settlements.


Many factories have machines that push oil from the seed, but many people also need extra time to manually extract more oil from the husks. Meanwhile, this method is very unhealthy in these photos.

Regardless of the reasons for this method, it is still very strange and unhealthy.

However, this is a very ancient and primitive method, but sometimes many people prefer the old method over the new one. That's why we have to be careful with what we buy on the market.

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