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10 Ways On How To Identify Original Honey (Read)

There are different types of honey; sugarcane honey, hybrid honey, bee honey and sugar honey. Out of all the above mentioned honey, bee honey, that is being produced by insects called bees is the best honey and that is good for human consumption and it has medicinal value.These are ten ways you can identify original honey.

1. If we taste original pure honey, it will not stay longer in the mouth before it dissolves.

2. If we pour honey into water it will go down, it will not flow on top of water like palm oil or vegetable oil.

3. If you put a stick of matches into small quantity of honey and you light it, it will bring out light, if it is original undiluted honey but if it is sugar honey or sugar cane honey, it will not supply light at all.

4. The odour of fruits always smell from original honey.

5. Ants will surround both fake and original honey. For this reason, don’t judge honey with ants.

6. If we pour honey from one bottle to another, pure and original honey will not be completely dry from the first bottle from where it was transferred.

7. Pure and original honey can never loose taste or spoil like sugarcane honey. Pure honey can last for three or four years without loosen taste or get spoiled.

8. If you pour original honey into cup of water or cup of tea. It will not mix together unless you use spoon to mix it together.

9. The colour of original honey can be black, white or red. This depends on the food eaten by honey bees and the environment where they are living.

10. If you pour honey on the ground, it will be stagnant and not flow like a palm oil or kerosene

Take care of your health, health is wealth. Life has no duplicate. If you use honey and there is no solution. Please consult a medical and qualified doctor.





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