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Some products of cassava

FCassava is a root tube foodstuff like yam,potato,etc. “Manihot Esculenta” is its scientific name. It is classified under parmada, amarelinha and others. Cassava is a carbohydrate food and can be processed into other foodstuffs.

Gari is one of the food that can be gotten from cassava. Cassava can be processed into gari. After cassava has been processed into gari, the gari can be used to eat certain food like beans, rice, waakye,etc. Some people especially students use it for soakings mixtures,eba,etc.

Fufu is also gotten from cassava. This is a food mostly eaten by the Akans. Fufu is prepared when cassava and plantain are boiled and pounded together. It is usually eaten with palmnut soup, groundnut soup, light soup and others.

Another foodstuff that can be obtained from cassava is “Kokonte”. Kokonte is a flour obtained when cassava is pelled, dried and grinded like maize. The flour looks like fufu when it is cooked and also eaten with the soup of fufu.

We also get tapioca from cassava. When it is obtained, it looks like popcorn. You need to soak it in water for about an hour. It becomes edible to be eaten with milk. It can also be used to prepare porridge.

Cassava dough is gotten when raw cassava is grinded and squeezed for the liquid in it to come out. Corn dough is used for preparing “Akple”. Akple can also be eaten with soups and also pepper.

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Cassava Gari Manihot Esculenta


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