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How to slow the signs of ageing using smoothies

Ageing is a natural phenomenon which cannot be reversed but it can surely be slowed down by incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet. Leafy vegetables like spinach is a rich source of vitamins,minerals and fiber which helps maintains the body's elasticity through its collagen for youthful and younger looking skin.

The Strawberry fruits is also packed with lots of antioxidants which helps in fighting free radicals in the body.Avocados are healthy fats which helps to keep the skin plumper and nourishing.

Consistent taking of this Smoothie will go along way to help anybody struggling with premature ageing of the skin.

Thank you .

Below is an age fighting Smoothie.

Preparation Time:5 minutes


2 Cups of avocados

2 Orange fruit

3 cups of Spinach

1 banana fruit

2 cups of Strawberries

1 Cup of iced Cubes


1.Wash,cut and freeze all fruits and vegetables over night except for the oranges

2.Squeeze the juice from the orange and st aside

3.Pour all frozen fruits and vegetables into blender

4.Add orange juice

5.Add iced cubes and blend everything till very smooth and serve.


By Bertha'sfoody.

Content created and supplied by: Bertha'sfoody (via Opera News )

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