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If You See Coca-Cola Bottle With A Yellow Cap, This Is What It Means

Coca-Cola exists from the looks of it forever. No matter how old you are, Coca-Cola was undoubtedly a part of your childhood. But have you ever noticed that sometimes bright red bottle caps are replaced with yellow ones? In fact, there is a very special reason for this. The yellow lid means the soda inside is a beehive for Easter.

The yellow Coca-Cola hat is a beehive for Easter

Kosher, which means "fit, right, or right" in Hebrew, describes foods that conform to the dietary laws of Judaism. Passover is a Jewish religious holiday that takes place in the spring and lasts seven days.

During the festival, Jews are prohibited from possessing or consuming stale food (known as chametz), which includes five basic grains: wheat, spelling, oats, rye, and barley.

Some people also stop eating a variety of legumes, including corn - and this is Coca-Cola. According to reports, traditional Coca-Cola contains high fructose corn syrup made from corn. That's why Coca-Cola created a version of the special "Honeycomb for Easter" flavored with non-corn sweeteners such as sugar cane or beets so that everyone can enjoy Coca-Cola during the holidays.

Some Gentiles also like to drink "Easter Coca-Cola" because it brings back the flavor of the drink when the company uses cane or beet sugar as a sweetener instead of corn syrup.

Today, soda bottles, conducive to Easter, are marked with a yellow cap

The lid is also marked with an "O-U-P", the symbol for Pascher's honeycomb for certification of the Orthodox Union. Not only observant Jews are grateful for Coca-Cola without corn syrup. Purists, groceries, and hipsters who can tell the difference between the two blends waited a whole year to buy Coca-Cola with sucrose and claim it tastes better with its original sweetener.

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