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How to make Yam Eto (Baayer eto/ɛto)

This is a popular traditional Ghanaian food.

Yam eto

Yam eto

It is usually eaten on birthdays or even given to brides on their special day.


500g/ 1lb Puna yam peeled and cut into smaller sizes

Salt as required

Water for cooking yam

4 tablespoons palm oil scooped from making palm nut soup or regular palm oil

1 onion sliced

1 clove garlic

Fresh pepper (bird's eye chilli, scotch bonnet, petite bell, habanero, etc.) as required


Removes peel of yam, cut into more modest sizes and wash with new water. Put sweet potatoes into a pan, add salt to taste and enough water for bubbling. 

Put a pot with yam on high warmth, cover firmly and cook for 15 minutes or until cooked through. A fork embedded into the sweet potatoes ought to effectively split it up. When cooked through, channel off water and put away. 

Whiles sweet potato is cooking, put a little pot on low warmth, add around 1/4 cup palm oil and a big part of the cut onions. Fry on low warmth till oil is mellowed and turn off the fire. 

Utilizing Asanka or Ayewa and Apotoyewa, granulate the leftover onions, one clove of garlic and new pepper till smooth. Add the cooked yam and pound till there are no irregularities. 

Beginning with two tablespoons of palm oil; add palm oil to the pounded yam . Utilize the Apotoyewa to mix it together. Add more palm oil as wanted. 

Serve yam Eto with the singed onions, hard-bubbled eggs and avocado pear.

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