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Some Popular Delicious Ghanaian Dishes

We have Ghanaian dishes which is sweet and palatable, see more.

Kontomire Soup

Some Popular Delicious Ghanaian DishesKontomire Soup

Also called or ebunu ebunu (green green) is a flavorful Ghanaian soup made from cocoyam leaves, smoked fish, mushrooms, and snails. Cocoyam leaves give the soup its characteristical green color. The soup is a traditional dish of the Akan tribe, who often serve it with fufu, rice, or boiled ripe plantains.



Palm Nut Soup

Some Popular Delicious Ghanaian DishesPalm Nut Soup

This is a hearty Ghanaian dish consisting of palm nut pulp, water, fish or meat, tomatoes, onions, and flavorings such as pepper, salt, garlic, and chili peppers. The combination of these ingredients is cooked until it develops a thick, stewy texture.

The soup is sometimes served as a starter before the main meal, although it is also commonly served as an accompaniment to fufu or rice dishes.SERVE WITH

Fufu or Plakali 


Konkonte is a stew that is popular throughout Ghana and Togo, usually consisting of pounded, dried cassava or yam, water, and salt. After the dish is cooked, it ranges in color from light brown to black, depending on how the cassava was dried. Some consider it food for the poor because it is the cheapest main dish one can prepare in Ghana.

It can be served with soup, gravy, or ground peppers on the side.Garden Egg Stew

Some Popular Delicious Ghanaian DishesGarden Egg Stew

It is a popular Ghanaian dish featuring African eggplant, or garden egg as its main ingredient. Although the eggplant is a fruit. It is prepared as a vegetable in this stew, combined with tomatoes, onions, peppers, palm oil, dried fish or shrimp, and seasonings such as ginger and nutmeg.

The stew is often served for lunch or dinner, accompanied by boiled plantains. 

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