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How To Use Bitter Kola And Tiger Nuts.

Hello lovely readers, welcome to my article. I will be enlighten you on bitter kola and tiger nuts in today’s article.

Bitter Kola is a plant from Africa and it has a lot of health benefits. Almost all the parts on this plant can be used for health purpose.

A mixture of bitter kola and tiger nuts is good for both men and women.


Bitter Kola, Tiger nuts, ginger, honey


1. Wash bitter kola and tiger nuts thoroughly and soak them for hours until they become soft. You can also get fresh bitter kola and tiger nuts.

2. After they are soft, blend them with a blender.

3. Strain it to remove the chaff.

4. Pour about 2 tablespoons of pure honey or ginger to the mixture for taste (optional).

5.Drink this whenever you are ready.

5. You can preserve it by storing it in the fridge, not freezer.

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Africa Bitter Kola Tiger Tiger Nuts


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