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Delicious Food Combinations You Must Try This Christmas.

Every Ghanaian knows that certain foods are inseparable. From fried rice and chicken down to Kofi broke-man and roasted groundnut. These amazing combinations come as a special treat for the tongue. here is a list of some of the delicacies best enjoyed together and they are not bad for this festive season.

1. Fufu and Palm nut Soup.

This combo remains a heavenly one.

2. Banku and Okro Stew

This particular one has a special place in heaven's banquet.

3. Jollof Rice and Chicken

Yummy! There cannot be Christmas without this meal.

4. Banana and roasted Groundnut

My favourite pick for a desert/starter

5. Gari and Beans and Fried Plantain

Most people will not consider this a Christmas meal but that combo is an all rounder. A true hunger killer.

Beer and Roasted Corn

This combo receives a special mention for taking the internet by storm. The man seen in the picture appears in a widely circulated video enjoying his beer and roasted corn. Maybe you can give a try.

Merry Christmas in advance....

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Banku Chicken Fufu Jollof Rice Kofi


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