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How to make homemade Fura (Millet smoothie)

Fura or millet smoothie is one of the popular street snacks in Ghana.



Millet is one of the healthiest seed crops cultivated for livestock feed and human consumption.

The health benefits of millet include its ability to protect the heart, prevent diabetes, improve the digestive system, lower the risk of cancer, detoxify the body, improve respiratory health, boost the immune system, increase energy levels, and improve the muscle and nerve health.


Milled Millet

Guinea peppers

Chilli powder

Ginger powder


Black peppercorns.

Salt to taste


Put Guinea peppers, cloves and dark peppercorns in a pot. 

Mix the peppers and cloves to a powder structure. 

Add the processed Millet, Ginger powder, Salt, Chili powder and blend. 

Add water in little amounts to frame a glue and shape into a smooth ball. 

Cover the mixture with a stick film and leave in a warm spot to age for the time being. 

Empty the blend into a pot and spot on medium warmth. 

Blending persistently to stay away from any irregularities into a thick glue. 

Lessening the warmth to the most minimal setting and steam the batter for around 7-10 minutes. 

Move the batter to a bowl and pass on to chill off. 

When the temperature has chilled off, form l into individual balls. 

Residue with some millet or cornflour and refrigerate. 

Presently to make the smoothie, take some of balls put in a blender, add sugar and milk and mix till it's smooth and velvety. 

Appreciate for certain peanuts and milk.

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Fura Guinea Milled Millet


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