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4 Kids Go Viral For Composing A Song To Praise Gob3 As A Life-Saving Food. (video)

Gari and beans popularly known as gob3 has become a popular food nowadays expecially on this hard times. It is eaten almost by everyone in this country especially school children that are in the senior high school at their dining. 

When one consumes beans and gari, also known as Gob3, the body receives a lot of energy and nutrients needed by the body expecially protein ns carbohydrates. You already know that gari is high in starch and serves as a source of energy for the body.

Given the numerous benefits of Gob3, it’s no surprise that every Ghanaian has eaten it at some point in his or her life.

And, as we speak, four Ghanaian children have gone viral on the internet after creating a national anthem, or better yet, a song to memorialize the lifesaving food known as Gob3.

In the song, the four children express their admiration for the food, claiming that when pear is added to Gob3, it becomes the best dish in the world.

Watch the video.

Content created and supplied by: NanaAmpaduKhelly (via Opera News )

Ghanaian Gob3


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