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Some Local Food That Boost Your Blood

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1. Kontomire stew

It is made up of cocoyam leaves, it is normally prepared in home and very popular in Ghanaian villages. It is use to serve variety of food such as steamed rice , cooked yam and plantains. Cocoyam leaves is also known as blood booster.

2. Fufu and Palm nut soup

This is one of the Ghanaian base food that people love to eat a lot. This food has more essential nutrients that is good for the human immune system. Fufu is prepared by cooking Cassava and plantains, then pound it nicely by using mortar and pestle. And Palm nut soup is also prepared using Palm but.

3. Banku and Okro Stew

Another dillicious and nutritious food that is good for the human body is banku and Okro Stew.

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