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Why you must add dawadawa to your favorite seasonings.

Dawadawa is the Hausa name for the fermented paste made from seeds of the African locust bean tree and is widely used as seasoning in soups, stews and the popular dawadawa jollof. It has a pungent smell but equally adds some flavor to your food. The heady smell of dawadawa is off putting to some people. However studies have confirmed the numerous health benefits of this seasoning.

#1. Healthy Digestion

Regular intake of dawadawa is known to aid in a healthy digestion. It boosts digestion and support treatment of gastrointestinal diseases like ulcer and diarrhoea. This helps to prevent constipation which causes haemorrhoids in the long run.

#2. Immune Booster

Including dawadawa in your meals helps to boosts immunity particularly in immunocompromised persons.

#3. Combating Respiratory Infections

The fermented locust beans aka dawadawa, iru, ogiri and sumbala has known efficacies in dealing with respiratory Infections. It is very useful in combating pneumonia, bronchitis, cold and cough.

#4. Stroke Management

Stroke is often linked to cholesterol levels. Cholesterol levels and high blood pressure can be suppressed and managed by regularly consuming locust beans or dawadawa.

#5. Various Nutritional Benefits

Dawadawa has a lot of the essential nutrients that are required for healthy growth. It is Rich in lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and calcium. Next time you visit the market, try looking out for dawadawa because it is worth your money.

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Dawadawa Hausa Immune Booster


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