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How to prepare stir-fried beef noodles with vegetables


For the sauce/marinade:

2/3 c. reduced-sodium soy sauce

2/3 c. beef broth

2 Tbsp. brown sugar

4 cloves garlic minced

2 tsp. minced ginger

1 tsp. cornstarch

For the stir fry:

1 lb. boneless beef

1 lb. noodles

4 tsp canola oil divided

1 red bell pepper sliced thin

1 onion sliced thin

2 carrots sliced into match-sticks

1-2 c. cabbage shredded


Join soy sauce, earthy colored sugar, garlic, and ginger in a little blending bowl. Spot half of the combination in a gallon-sized Ziplock sack, add cut meat, seal (squeezing as much air out as possible), and refrigerate for no less than 2 hours. 

Add cornstarch to residual combination in bowl and mix until smooth, cover and refrigerate until prepared to utilize. 

Plan noodles as indicated by bundle headings. 

While noodles are cooking, heat 2 tsp. oil in a huge skillet over medium-high warmth and add steak cuts disposing of abundance marinade. 

Pan fried food until just cooked, eliminate steak from skillet and put away.

Add remaining oil to the same skillet and stir-fry peppers, onion, carrots, and broccoli until onions become clear and soft. Add cabbage and beef to the skillet and cook until cabbage becomes soft.

When noodles are done cooking, drain and toss with beef/vegetable mixture, adding the reserved sauce mixture. Toss until noodles are coated in sauce.

Top with sesame seeds and serve immediately

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