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These parts of the chicken should not be eaten because they are harmful to health

Some parts of the chicken contain bacteria that are very harmful to the human body. According to the Sputnik news site, "There are many parasites and bacteria on the rump of the animal, just like in the lungs and also the head"

Chicken today is one of the meats most consumed by Ivorians. Chicken is an integral part of the culinary habits of Ivorian households. As proof, the frozen chicken industry is expanding. In the evenings on every street corner, the saleswomen offer you either fried chicken or braised chicken.

Some will be tempted to say that "all bacterias die in extreme heat from cooking chicken", but think again, some bacteria resist a certain heat.

The rump is the hindquarters of the chicken. (See photo below).

So it is not forbidden to eat these parts but excessive consumption is not recommended. The best part of the chicken remains, according to a gastrologist, the breast.

Still according to the article on the site "these parasites cannot be eliminated by heat treatment, being extremely resistant to high temperatures".

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