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FuFuo: One Of Ghana's Favorite Meals

Ghana is indeed a beautiful and peaceful country with a very fascinating cultural heritage and history. I must say that one of the major things which indeed attracts tourists to any country at all is the cuisines or meals the country in question has to offer.

Ghana as a nation has different sets of ethnic groups and for that reason has a variety of traditional meals it is proud of. One of such which I wish to talk about is "Fufu" (pronounced 'fufuo').

Made of boiled cassava and plantain, Fufu is typically the indigenous meal of the people of Ashanti. The making of fufu is one that requires the use of some great deal of energy as the cassava and plantain are pounded in a wooden mortar with a wooden pestle until it becomes soft and stretchy.

'Fufuo' is normally served with palm nut soup and assorted meat or fish.

To date, "fufuo" still remains one of Ghana's favorite meals!

If you are yet to visit Ghana do remember when you do visit, to get yourself a bowl of fufu.

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