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6 Dangerous Food Combinations

6 Food Combinations That Are Dangerous To Your Health

Most folks blithely eat these food combos, however we'd be harming our bodies. A number of these combos square measure quite common and will surprise you, however usually digesting them along puts a strain on our system probably the digestive system.

1. Bacon and Eggs( deep fried bacon)

Bacon and eggs square measure usually seen because the ideal hangover food, or a good breakfast on a chilly winter’s day, however the high macro molecule content in each foods and therefore the fat within the bacon build it troublesome to digest. they'll lay significant on your abdomen for hours, creating you're feeling inactive and boring.

To try and avoid this, eat meals in courses, along with your lighter proteins 1st, and meat later. Don’t wait over 10 minutes between every course.

2. Burger and Fries

This is another very hip food combination, however the trans-fats from the sauteing method will lower your glucose and cause you to feel tired. Not solely that, however after you eat a macro molecule and a carb along, the organic process processes square measure totally different – macro molecule putrefies, and carbs ferment, that the result's bloating and gas.

3. Cereals and fruit crush

Cereal and fruit crush square measure the favourite thanks to begin the day with many folks, however usually it results in organic process discomfort. once fruit crush mixes with milk within the abdomen, it curdles it, and {also the} acids in fruit crush also lower the activity of an accelerator that breaks down carbohydrates. Drink your beverage a minimum of an hour before or once your cereal.

4. pizza pie and Soda

Lots of people like this mixture, however once more it’s arduous on your body. The carbs, proteins and starch of the pizza pie demand loads of energy from the body to digest, whereas the sugar within the soda slows down digestion and different abdomen functions.

5. Fruit and yogurt

Why? Combining fruit and farm merchandise will result in a world of suffering. farm foods are often symptom, obstruction sinuses, encouraging colds and worsening symptoms of allergies. once combined with fruit these symptoms will become even worse. a far better possibility may be a natural Greek yogurt with no extra fruits.

6. Cereal and milk

Why? for several of you reading this, it'll appear rather stunning as cereal and milk may be a staple of the many of our diets across the planet. similar with breakfast in truth, however each contain quick digesting carbs that place the body underneath stress, each will cause blood glucose spikes which will leave you tired after they eventually lower once more, creating you crave additional food.

Source: Healthy Food Hacks, Google

Content created and supplied by: A.G.Lawrence (via Opera News )

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