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Are Fishes Without Scales Healthy To Eat?

Fish with out scales is not necessarily harmful for health. However, the fish which does not have scales is more susceptible to hosting free radicals than fish with scales. Scales act as barriers for free radicals like virus and bacteria and survive. However, presence of bacteria and virus is not necessarily a health hazard for people who consume. Almost all of these free radicals die during the cooking process. 140 degrees centigrade cooking temperature for 15 seconds will ensure the food is safe to consume.

In Japan, scaleless eel is grilled and eaten. Eel kabayaki is very healthy and energizes people who eat it. Eel is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1 and B2, vitamin D and vitamin E. Eel is rich in mineral zinc and calcium. In addition, the lipid part of eel is rich in DHA and EPA. The slimy surface of the eel body contains mucin, an ingredient that protects the gastrointestinal mucosa. Eel is the "best healthy food" that contains a lot of "nutrition" in every part.

Why does the Bible command Christians not to eat fish without scales?

You should look at the fish without scales, as appetizing as you would look at a buzzard.. because its created basically for the same purpose.. It is a “clean up crew". Specifically designed to eat what most others don't.. their bodies are created to handle eating the most vial and nasty things. Most of the time these fish are bottom dwellers. Eating rotting corpses and feces of other fish..

But no matter what the reason, the food laws, and all the laws that God gave, were not just some things that God just chose out of thin air for no particular reason, just to see if his people would be willing to obey what he said. God had his very specific reasons for every single one of the laws that he gave. And all were for our & others best interests. Now when it comes to the food laws, most scientists today will tell you that the same foods that God says don't eat, are actually NOT good for us…

There's a reason for that. Its because God is our parent, and only wants whats best for us. He is the creator of our bodies, and knows what's good for us and what's not. Now Christian's today will proclaim “we're saved by grace, not law. So don't worry about it. Just bless it and you can eat anything you want, it'll be okay".. And all the while they are dying from hypertension, high blood pressure, blood clots, aneurisms and cancer. And have the nerve to ask God “why me Lord, don't you love me".. Well just maybe it's because they're eating all the things that God said not to…

The point is, you can bless doughnuts all you want. But if you decide to eat all that sugar & fat everyday, your prayers of blessing them are not going to save you from suffering health problems eventually. The same is with all foods. If you spend your whole life eating things that aren't meant for you to eat, you will suffer for it. It doesn't mean your salvation is in question either.. Just don't blame God for your bad health, because He does give us warnings!!

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