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Ablo Recipe - How to make Aboloo

Aboloo is a gluten-free sweet and slightly sour, steamed dumpling which is popular amongst the Ewes of Ghana.

It’s best enjoyed with a raw pepper and fried tiny white baits known as ‘One Man thousand’.


Polished corn flour


Wheat flour

Baking powder


Leaves (Food base e.g. plantain leave, etc)


Clean maize by picking awful and form. 

Wash in clean water. 

Pound into little corn meal. 

Wash corn meal in clean water to additional eliminate the waste. 

Blend washed corn meal in with filtered flour and permit to represent 60 minutes. Plant the blend into a fine surface. 

Gap fine finely processed flour into 2 sections. 

Add salt and a little water to one piece of the flour. 

Put ablaze and cook somewhat to get an aflata. 

Add the wheat flour and blend well. 

Add the remainder of the cornflour, mix to frame a firm glue. 

Bring and envelop the delicate glue by clean leaves. 

Organize in a liner and steam for certain minutes over bubbling water. 

Eliminate from liner and present with your ideal sauce, stew or soup with seared fish.

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