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What is the rudest thing you have experienced while eating dinner at a friends house?

We went to a party thrown by a family member.

They later served Indian food. Their grandma had cooked green peas and potato curry. It was delicious. I missed having green pea curry since I moved to Canada from India. I tried making it but it never turned out as it did in India. Grandma’s curry tasted exactly like it did in India.

We were sitting at the dining table eating.

I told grandma how amazing it tasted.

Then, on the other side of the table, an aunt said, “It is too spicy. I can’t even put it on my tongue.”

They had a table full of food. Her plate was filled with chicken curry, dry potato and cauliflower, paneer (cheese curd) curry, rice, salad, and more, but she had to announce to the whole table how terrible this curry was.

Grandma was horrified. She profusely apologized. She offered to bring some milk for her.

Aunt said, “No, I am okay”, also, she kept going on and on about the curry being too spicy.

Grandma never cooked at a gathering ever again.

That was the rudest experience I ever had eating at a friend’s house.

If a host is gracious enough to spend time and money to cook for you, please respect their hard work.

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