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How to prepare Beans and fried Plantain


Fried Ripe Plantain

4 Ripe Plantains

Cooking Oil

¼ tsp of salt

Beans Stew

2 cups of Black eye beans

½ cup of palm oil

2 medium onions

1 habanero pepper

1 cup diced tomatoes

2 inches of Ginger

Hutwise Smoked Mackerel or any Meat/fish of your choice

½ Maggie crevette



Wash your beans and cook for around 30 minutes or till its delicate and delicate

While your beans are cooking clean and mix 1 onion, pepper, ginger, tomatoes and maggie crevette together. To make sure you realize I love mixing my flavors together in light of the fact that it gives it a decent surface and taste however you can simply utilize the diced tomatoes without mixing it.

Follow that with dicing your other onion. Empty your palm oil into a skillet and spot it on the cooker. Transform the cooker and empty your diced onions into the oil.

Allow it to cook briefly or 2 then, at that point, pour in your mixed fixings. Let that cook for about 10minutes. In the interim mind your bean to ensure it has sufficient water. I'm certain at this point it's getting delicate and delicate. Lower the temperature in case it is and permit it to stew.

Presently, Clean your Hutwise smoked mackerel and cut them into more modest pieces. You would then be able to add the fish to the sauce and cook that for about 5minutes.

We are nearly there… … yum!!!!

Add your cooked beans to the sauce in case it's delicate and delicate. Psyche you in case there is an excessive amount of water on your beans, channel it first to try not to make your stew watery.

Add some salt to taste and allow it to stew for around 5 additional minutes.

While you are trusting that the beans will stew, strip and cut your ready plantains into little sizes of your decision. Add your salt and throw it to equally convey it on all the plantain.Turn the shoot for the beans and permit it to cool.

Turn the shoot for the beans and permit it to cool.

Spot your griddle with your cooking oil in there on the cooker. Ensure it's very much warmed.

Put the plantains in there and turn them as often as possible till it's brilliant brown. Scoop the plantains out and place them in a sifter to deplete the abundance oil.

Presently your red is prepared!!! Dish out and appreciate!!!

Content created and supplied by: maabena12 (via Opera News )

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