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5 keto foods you should add to your diet


Fish is amazing for a keto diet since it's low in carbs yet plentiful in quality supplements, including B nutrients, potassium and selenium.

Sardines and mackerel are great decisions because of their high omega-3 substance. This unsaturated fat guides insulin responsiveness while diminishing the presence of glucose in your blood.

Verdant Green Vegetables

Verdant green vegetables - like spinach and kale - make for a superb expansion to the keto diet. They contain not many carbs yet a lot of minerals and nutrients.


The likes of peanuts, cashews and almonds should be your new favourite snacks. They’re rich in fats but low in carbs. Among its many health benefits includes the ability to minimise your risk of developing cancer of heart disease, and they also prevent you from snacking on junk.


Did you had any idea that cheddar is so flexible thus key to the keto diet? It's low in carbs yet wealthy in fat which is by and large what you need.


White and red meat is a key part of the keto diet because these keto foods are rich in protein, as well as key vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins and zinc

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Verdant Green Vegetables


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