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A Simple Guide To Cooking Banku On Gas Stoves

Banku is prepared using a mixture of corn dough and cassava dough.

We enjoy our banku with a variety of soups and stews but that is according to our taste and preference.

We in Ghana are used to cooking banku using coalpots as the medium of the heat or fuel.

However recently the use of gas stoves is common in almost every house hold and we are sometimes tempted to cook our banku on these stoves. 

This article intends to explain in detail to you a simple way of using gas stoves to cook banku.

After all is set to cook your banku you should set your pot on the stove and you should bare in mind that the early stages of cooking the banku is the most important stage. 

You should stir it well till it begins to form as this will prevent lumps in your banku.

After it is well formed add water especially to the sides of the pot after you detach the banku from the sides of the pot. Add enough water and cover. After boiling for about 5 to 10 minutes, stir the banku and it Should be ready to serve if you are ok with the consistency.

Now off the gas and continue the packaging process quickly after. Remember that if you have to stir the banku you must put it off from the stove and stir it on the floor. You can off the gas during that time so that you can conserve it. Gas is expensive these days.

Again remember that it may be difficult if you have to cook a large amount of banku.

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