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How to prepare kaafa


Corn flour

Cold water

Moin moin leaves

Moin moin leaves


Hotness water in a pot and break up corn starch with cold water in a different bowl. 

Add the combination to the bubbling water and mix with a wooden spoon. 

Mix consistently until it starts to cook and thickens. 

At the point when it has totally thickened, pour some water to the sides, cover the pot and pass on to stew for around 10 minutes on medium hotness. 

Mix well to blend the kaafa with the water. 

To test is the kaafa is cooked, fill a bowl with water and plunge a spoon containing the kaafa in it. 

In the event that it sets subsequent to chilling off, the kaafa is finished. 

Move to compartments and pass on to chill off totally at room temperature. 

Wrap them with moin leaves or fill a compartment and spot in the refrigerator.

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