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How to make the perfect Gari Fortor

Gari Fortor is a Ghanaian delicacy which can be served as a main dish mixed with vegetables or an accompaniment for rice, beans or Jollof.

Gari Fortor

Gari Fortor

Fortor in Ewe means to mash up or mix together. That’s exactly what Gari Fortor looks like - mashed up sauce with gari.


200g Gari

60ml warm water (with a little salt added, if desired)

60ml Cooking oil or palm oil

2-3 Chopped ripe tomatoes

1-5 Green chillies (optional)

Dash Garlic powder (optional)

Dash Smoked paprika, basil, coriander leaves and ground anise

Some cherry tomatoes to garnish (optional)

2 Beaten eggs

1 Boiled egg

Salt to taste


Put gari in a bowl and sprinkle a little water on it to saturate. Mix to get the dampness uniformly spread in the gari 

Cleave onions and tomatoes 

Fry onions and tomatoes in a warmed container on medium to high warmth for around 5 minutes until onions soften. 

Add flavors to taste (smoked paprika, garlic powder, basil and coriander leaves were added to this formula) 

Bubble 1 egg independently and fry or broiler cook shrimps 

Include 2 beaten eggs with everything else and mix as you would do with fried eggs 

Add saturated gari to the eggs, onions, tomatoes blend. 

Eliminate from heat. 

Add bubbled egg and shrimps to Gari Fortor and serve

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