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Cooking Mashed Plantains' Eto, All You Need To Know.

Typically many people like to eat mashed boiled plantains mixed with what I call 'intrestines'.

Et) as it is popularly called is the delicious food we get from that mixture.

The 'intrestines' consists of pepper, onion, salt, stinking Fish, groundnut and so many other things. This makes the food interesting to consume.

Peel plantain but do not scratch the plantain with a knife as done when preparing ampesi.

Just peel the plantain and bring to the boil. Put your pepper on can also add eggs at this stage and bring to boil.

Prepare your Palm oil whiles the plantain boils. 

Pour a little Palm oil into a saucepan, add your stinking fish to fry, add some chopped onions. This will make the Palm oil smell good. You can fry your roasted fish or salmon at this stage after flaking it. now take another saucepan and roast your groundnuts.

Before the plantain boils add your koobi to also cook . This helps reduce the salt content in it.

Take a wide bowl remove the plantains when it's cooked and mash it in the bowl, not the earthen ware bowl.

Ensure that it is well mashed before you set aside and allow to cool.

Take your earthen ware bowl and grind your 'intrestines' in this order.

Pepper, Onion, salt, roasted groundnut, goodies in the palm oil( fish, stinking fish, fried onions etc). Do not make the groundnut and fish too fine when grinding make it rough or not well grounded.

Mix all the 'intrestines' to the mashed plantain. Add palm oil. put your boiled kobi and eggs on it. Add avocado pear if you want enjoy

NB: leave some of the roasted groundnut so that you sprinkle it on the end product.

Again et) is very satisfying so eat just a little. 

What do you think of this recipe.

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Eto Fish Mashed Plantains' Palm


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