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How to prevent your half-used tuber of yam from rotting using this simple method

Yam is a favorite delicacy in many households in Ghana. With kontomre stew, garden egg stew or vegetable stew, you are sure of having a sumptuous meal that could take you throughout the day. Yam fufu is also not uncommon in many homes, expecially in Northern Ghana.

Imagine returning from work late in the evening and going straight to the kitchen to boil your half tuber of yam only to realize that it is completely rotten. Yeah! We have all experienced this before and the disappointment and inconveniences that comes with it right?

But hey! Do you know you can prevent your half-used tuber of yam from rotting, using a very simple and straight forward home remedy?

This is how to do it:

1. get a piece of stick.

2. Make sure it is very clean. You can wash it and allow the moisture to completely dry off.

3. Pierce the yam with the stick as shown in the picture below.

You are assured your yam will last for days without decaying.

But one may ask: what is the science behind this knowledge? Consider the following plausible explanation.

The organisms causing the decay in the yam work best in the absence of oxygen. When you pierce the yam, you introduce oxygen which may tend to kill them(the organisms) or prevent them from working in their comfort zone. That is, the environment becomes less condusive for the organisms to work effectively, preventing the yam from rotting.

Don't forget one of the scientific ways of purifying water is oxygenation, where oxygen is introduced into water to kill micro organisms. In some countries, water is allowed to flow from a high elevation so that atmospheric oxegen is able to mix it.

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