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Three ways to buy these three Ghanaian indigenous foods and get plenty

Here are 3 ways to buy Waakye, Jollof and “Gob3”, and get plenty

The above mentioned foods are popularly known to be amongst the best-selling and most loving indigenous delicacies in Ghana with their funny and weird names to them. They can be taken at any time within the day. However, majority of Ghanaians would love to take waakye (rice and beans) in the morning as breakfast or probably as Brunch, these same majority would prefer gari and beans (Gob3) in the afternoon and then finish their day off with jollof as it looks lighter though it’s not a liquid food but as compared to the other two.


Notwithstanding, there are tecniques to be used if you want to buy these foods and get much of it. These are the three ways or techniques to be used in order to get plenty of these foods when buying them.

Substitution Method:

Tell the person selling (woman) that you want GH¢1.50p×2 of the said food. But one will have meat, salad and all the garnishing you want, and the other one will be “sakora” (meaning with nothing).

Mix them together when you reach home/office/wherever you’d want to eat it.

Elimination Method:

Don't rush at all with this second method. Just tell the seller you want to buy GH¢2.00. When you are asked that "what else? “ Just say that "eeeeiii, the food is too small. Add GH¢1.00 to it". That's all. You will get the same quantity like the first scenario.

Geometric Progression:

This one requires tenacity. Just mention the amount that you are buying right away. But wait, when you see the seller wrapping it up, request for the “KANZO” (thus the beneath or under as Ghanaians will say) or “nky3nky3n" (side and side). Don't say that at the beginning, else you won't get plenty. Wait for the ending, so that she will scrape that part in addition to what has already been served.

Who says we don't apply mathematical methods in our daily life. All the methods are from math.


Do not use these methods consistently at the same joint. Change the location, else they will also outsmart you. Don't thank me. We are friends.

Very funny, isn’t it? You can drop your comments or experiences at the comment section.

Content created and supplied by: KwameJay (via Opera News )

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