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3 ways to buy Waakye, Jollof & Beans and get plenty.

We have found 3 ways (Practically Proven ways) to buy Waakye, JolIof and Gob3, and get plenty. Yes you heard it. Get plenty. Plenty mean happy right??

Plenty Waakye, Jollof and Gobe when you happen to but from the vendor.

Well, we all know how disappoimting it is to end up being served short of your favourite Jollof or Waakye or GobE than what you expected from the vendor.

Maybe you fell out of favour with the vendor or its the first time the vendor is seing you or the vendor is new to the business or your money just isn’t enough.

Try these methodss and you’ll thank me later.

Method 1. (Unlooking)

This one requires a bit of tenacity and timing.

Just mention the amount that you are buying right away. But wait, when you see the vendor about wrapping up, request for the KANZO or "nky3nky3n" (side side). Don't say that at the beginning, else you won't benefit as an allowance will be made for that by the vendor. Wait for that last part – when she is done serving your requested amount , so that she add that part in addition to what has already been served.

You will smile when your request is granted.

Method 2. (We know you Know)

This plays on the guilt and conscience of the vendor.

This is how you will go about it. (You will have to be a bit naive as well)

Don't rush at all. Just say what you want. Say Ghc 3.00. When you are asked "and what else?" , just exclaim "eeeeiii ,the food is small papa”. After request for an additional Ghc l.00. That’s all. You might and possibly will get the same quantity as the first Ghc 2.00.

Method 3 (Divide and Conquer)

This one we call Divide and Conquer. Yes Conquer.

Tell the vendor that you want Ghc2.00 of the said food.

After the first order, make another order.

The trick in this is that, one set of the order will have your meat/fish /egg /wele on it while the other set will have your salad, gari , spaghetti and other garnishing on it.

You’ll be amazed when you go home/office or wherever and mix both togerther.

For the road.

Also do well to strike a conversation with the vendor when ever to buy food.

You will end up being in thier goods books and your waakye /Jollof /Gob3 will overflow.

Word of Caution.

Please and please again, we will advise that you dont use these same methods consistently at the same joint and on the same vendor. Change the methods and location you apply these tactics else they will also outsmart you and you will end up losing instead of gaining.

Don't thank me. What are friends for?

We hope and pray the vendors are not reading this…., and if they are, we hope they dont let our efforts go vain when we apply these these tactics on them or better still they serve us more so we don’t apply these tactics on them.

You can apply it to other foods as well.

Comment if you have a method not mentioned here.

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