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Damascus Goat, The Ugliest Goat That Cost About $5,000

 Damascus goat is considered the weirdest breed of goat known to man.

They are not as common as other species of goat. They eat less food especially when supplied with enough water, this is why they survive in almost all-region 

A doe can produce 9 -11 pounds of milk each day. According to CNN, the milk of Damascus goat digest easily which is one reason the milk is in high demand. A Damascus doe is capable of giving birth to four (4) kids at once.


This is a multipurpose goat raised for Milk, meat and hide. Due to its hardy nature, it can produce milk in changing environmental conditions and milk is rich in fat and protein which has made it popular throughout the Middle East. The name Damascus was also stated in many classics of Arabic literature. It was a noble breed that was also used to develop a new breed. 


That appears to be a bargain these days. It is currently possible to purchase Damascus goats for as much as 30, 000 Cedi ($5,000 USD). Although the initial investment may deter you from wishing to grow Damascus goats, consider the long-term benefits.

Source: BBC Earth

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