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Blend Banana And Mango, Drink It Daily To Heal These Dieseases

I can’t imagine how boring it is to be eating the same breakfast every blessed morning. What’s funny is we have been doing this ever since we were born.

When we wake up from bed we think of breakfast like “Koko” and bread or “koose”, tea, oat, Tom brown, wenemix and the likes. But today we are going to try out hands-on a simple, easy to make and yet delicious and nutritious breakfast idea and I believe you will like it.

The ingredients for this smoothie are what you may already have on the list of your favourite fruits and if true, that will make your recipe even yummy.

How to make Banana Mango Smoothie for breakfast?


One large banana, peeled, sliced and frozen

One large mango which is chopped or cubed

3/4 of yoghurt or milk


Mango and Banana Smoothie with Milk |

The banana is frozen purposely because you may not want to add ice cubes to your smoothie which can make your smoothie watery over time.

Also, pairing the banana with mango goes well as the mango makes it juicier – meaning you don’t need to add water or store-based fruit juice. The result may be a thick smoothie and so you can keep pouring the milk until you get the thinness you want.

The process

Just like most smoothies, this particular is very simple – put all the ingredients stepwise into the blender and blend till smooth. You can then serve it immediately to reap the following benefits:

Healing Benefits

Mango & banana smoothie recipe | BBC Good Food

1. It will boost your immune system. Have you wondered why mango is classified among the superfoods? Mango has tons of vital nutrients and antioxidants which boost your immune system.

2. It will protect your heart. The major ingredients, mango and banana are rich in heart-protecting minerals like sodium and potassium.

3. It will improve your sight. Vitamin A is known to be of great importance when talking about the eye and vision. Luckily for you, you have an abundance of that in your smoothie which will improve your vision.

4. Lower your risk of cancer. Polyphenols present in mango fights oxidative stress which is mostly linked to cancer (colon, lung, breast and prostate).

Hope to see you adding this recipe to your breakfast list.

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