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How to prepare YakeYake

Ingredients for Yake Yake

1 tuber of cassava


1 tablespoon of corn flour

Salt (to taste)

Steps to prepare yake yake

Cut cassava into more modest sizes into a bowl and absorb water for the time being. 

Mesh the cassava into a bowl. 

Utilize a little mortar and pestle to pound the ground cassava. 

Utilize a perfect material to empty the water out of the ground cassava. Crush till dry. 

Utilize a lattice sifter to strainer the dried cassava into a bowl. 

Add one tablespoon of corn flour to the dried cassava and strainer once more. Add salt and mix. 

Put some water ablaze in a pan and let it bubble. 

Put a fine perfect fabric into a colander and put the dried ground cassava blended in with corn flour and salt into it. Cover the sauce dish with its top and let the food steam for some time. 

Eliminate from fire when prepared and serve.

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Yake Yake YakeYake


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