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I Roasted Watermelon Seeds And Grinded It With Alligator Pepper To Get These Results.

Watermelon seeds have longed been cherished and utilized for alot of medical conditions, the same goes for ginger which is also known to have alot of medical uses especially in the herbal medicine line.


Normally we spit them out when eating the real juicy fruit, but that's a bad idea, basically because watermelon seeds are an alternative to crispy snacks when roasted, and they are low in calories. But that is just a minor thing compared to the real effects of eating the roasted seeds. The seeds are known to contain Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, and also contains "good fats" like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is also known to control heart cholesterol which means heart attack is not coming anytime soon.


Alligator Pepper is a powerful seed that helps shake things up in your body, it fixes stomach related issues.


This is quite easy, just put your fire to medium heat and pour in the seeds, keep frying till it takes a darker colour, you can add some flavors if you wish to eat it raw, but since you are going to use Alligator Pepper, no need to add any other spice.


Put both the Alligator Pepper and the watermelon seeds in a blender and grind to pieces.

You can either eat them raw or dissolve in warm water. But Alligator Pepper is not healthy for pregnant women.


Taking this mixture is most notable for enhancing stamina and bedroom performance. You can be rest assured that you will no longer be a 2-minutes man or suffer from erectile dysfunction. It also enriches your body and makes you active.

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